•  photo Espadrilles.jpg"

    ~Coming Soon~

  •  photo Two-Piece-Set-Outfits.jpg"

    ~Two Piece Set Dress~

  •  photo Self_Portrait_Azaelea_Inspired_dress.jpg"

    ~Lace Midi Dress~

  •  photo Dolce_And_Gabbana_Women_Coats.jpg"

    ~Denim Everythiing~

  •  photo Womens_Gingham_Pants_1.jpg"

    ~Double Gingham~

  •  photo 3f2dd6d4-2803-4cf3-88c9-ba03443e931f.jpg"

    ~Double Stripes~

  •  photo Jcrew_Wool_Coats.jpg"

    ~Denim Overalls~

  •  photo Red_Evening_Gowns.jpg"

    ~Lady In Red~

  •  photo Stripes_And_Floral_Outfit_Ideas.jpg"

    ~Mixed Prints~

  •  photo Wide_Leg_Jeans_Outfit_Ideas.jpg"

    ~Wide Leg Pants~

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    ~Hello 2016~

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    ~New On Blog~

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    ~New On Blog~

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    ~New On Blog~

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    ~New On Blog~

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    ~Shades Of Gray~

  •  photo Summer_In_Central_Park.jpg"

    ~Weekend Outfits~

  •  photo Michelle_White_Jelly_Watch.jpg"

    ~Stripes on Stripes~

  •  photo Adrianna_Papell_Floral_Print_Short_Dress.jpg"

    ~Floral Dress~

  •  photo Week_End_Outfit_Ideas.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Color-Block-Outfit-Ideas1.jpg"/>"

    ~Week End~

  •  photo Ralph_Lauren_Special_Ocassion_Dresses_1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Color-Block-Outfit-Ideas1.jpg"/>"


  •  photo Pastel-Dresses_1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Color-Block-Outfit-Ideas1.jpg"/>"

    ~New On Blog~

  •  photo Color-Block-Outfit-Ideas1.jpg"

    ~Color Block~

  •  photo FishTail-Braids-Ideas_1.jpg"

    ~New On Blog~

  •  photo Clover-Canyon-CutOut-Dress1.jpg"

    ~Cut Out~

  •  photo Michelle-White-Jelly-Watch_2.jpg"/>"


  •  photo Floral-Print-Blouse1.jpg"

    ~Floral and Leo~

  •  photo Floral-Print-Pumps3.jpg"

    ~Print On Print~

  •  photo Winter-Camel-Coat.jpg"

    ~Camel Coat~

  •  photo Stripes-And-Floral-Outfit-Ideas.jpg"

    ~Winter Floral~

  •  photo Marc-Jacobs-Sweater.jpg"

    ~On The Grid~

  •  photo Faux_Fur_Coat2.jpg"

    ~Hello 2015~

  •  photo Full_Midi_Skirt_Outfits.jpg"

    ~Goodbye 2014~

  •  photo Faux-Fur-Stripe-Scarf.jpg"


  •  photo Ostrich_Feather_Skirt_Outfit.jpg"

    ~Plaid and Feathers~

  •  photo Cape-Coat.jpg"/>

    ~Navy Outfits~

  •  photo Sequins_Lace_Outfits.jpg"/>

    ~Sequins and Lace~

  •  photo The_Blanket_Scarf.jpg"/>

    ~Hello Winter~

  •  photo Leopard_Coat_Style.jpg"/>


  •  photo Midi_Skirt.jpg

    ~Floral Midi Skirt~

  •  photo Jcrew-Cashmere-Sweater2.jpg"

    ~Printed Midi~

  •  photo Poncho.jpg

    ~Oversize Poncho~

  •  photo 3dae7771-3086-4321-9f09-139c4ea9bb5c.jpg


  •  photo Vincible-Pumps.jpg

    ~Floral Pumps~


::::Espadrille Wedges::::

 photo Alice-And-Olivia-Maxi-Skirt.jpg

 photo Alice-And-Olivia-Printed-Maxi-Skirt.jpg

 photo Gap-Denim-Jackets-For-Women.jpg
As a lover of all things print and color, this Alice and Olivia maxi skirt was love at first sight.  Wore this skirt as a dress due to the length being overwhelming for a petite person like myself. (Alteration would take away from the effect of the print) These espadrilles by Louise Et Cie are extremely comfortable and for a reasonable price point which is always a plus in my book.  (Saks has these in the flat version)

 photo Espadrilles-Wedges-For-Women.jpg
 photo Giles-And-Brother-Bracelets.jpg

 photo DIY-CHOKERS.jpg

 photo Boater-Hat-Pictures.jpg

                                          Skirt worn as Dress :  Alice and Olivia (here) (similar)                                                   
                                               Denim Jacket : Gap (Similar) (Similar) 
                                                              Bag : Old  (similar)
                                                           Shoes  : Louise et Cie  (here) (similar)
                                                          Choker : DIY  (similar)
                                                        Jewelry  : Michelle Watch (similar),Giles and Brother (here)  
                                                               Lips : Mac "Lady Danger (here)  
                                                  Images by Mayor of @trybzeimagery


::::All White::::

 photo All-White-Outfits.jpg

 photo White-Off-The-Shoulder-Tops_1.jpg

 Schutz Glenna Heels, photo Schutz_Shoes_Review.jpg

                  Happy Monday to all the lovely followers of Fashberries.
                                  One of the main Forecast Trends for the Spring and Summer 
                                   2016 is surely the Off the Shoulder Top.  While I love the 
                                       variation being offered by designers, I prefer the 
cold shoulder version of this trend.  
I dont know about you, but spending the whole day pulling my shirt
 down or finding ways to prevent it from rising up is not my cup of tea.
These Schutz are however very cormfortable to walk in for 
everyday wear and not worry about the lace coming undone.
Love the stability of the heels and being able to stay in them for a few hours 
before swithching to flats. (city girl problems lol)

 photo N-Nicholas-Poplin-Off-The-Shoulder-Shirt.jpg

 photo White-On-White-Outfit-Ideas.jpg

 photo White-Denim-Outfit-Ideas.jpg

 photo Schutz-Shoes-Comfortable-Sandals.jpg
                                                           Shirt :  N.Nicholas (Here)                                                   
                                                          Denim : Frame (Similar) (Similar) 
                                                              Bag : Old  (similar)
                                                           Shoes  : (here(similar)
                                                        Jewelry  : Michelle Watch (similar),Giles and Brother (here)  
                                                               Lips : Mac "Lady Danger (here)  
                                                    Images by Mayor of @trybzeimagery


::::Two Piece Dress::::

 photo Two-Piece-Evening-Dress.jpg

 photo Easy-Natural-Hair-Updo.jpg
Do you ever find yourself making purchases due to the fact that 
the items are on sale for amazing prices, and you just 
hope and pray for a day when you can wear that item?  
Guilty and Guilty!!!!!
Still a work in progress but could not pass this dress 
when I scored it last year at Bloomingdales
Friends and Family Sale for an amazing price.
Got a chance to finally wear it this year for BDay dinner.
Yeahh!!! to Aries Babies.
You can shop similar Dresses for Prom, Weddings and Gala below.

 photo Two-Piece-Dress-Bloomingdales.jpg
                                                         Shop This Look

 photo Two-Piece-Prom-Dress-With-Slit.jpg

 photo Two-Piece-Prom-Dress.jpg

 photo Two-Piece-Dresses-Bloomingdales.jpg
                                                           Dress : Aqua  (here)                                                   
                                                 Shoes  : Old (similar(similar)
                                                       Jewelry  : Michelle Watch (similar),Giles and Brother (here)  
                                                             Lips : Mac "Lady Danger (here)  
                                                    Images by Mayor of @trybzeimagery
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