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    ~Two Piece Set Dress~

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    ~Lace Midi Dress~

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    ~Denim Everythiing~

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    ~Double Gingham~

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    ~Double Stripes~

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    ~Denim Overalls~

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    ~Lady In Red~

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    ~Mixed Prints~

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    ~Wide Leg Pants~

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    ~Hello 2016~

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    ~Weekend Outfits~

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    ~Stripes on Stripes~

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    ~Floral Dress~

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    ~Week End~

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    ~Cut Out~

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    ~Floral Midi Skirt~

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    ~Printed Midi~

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    ~Oversize Poncho~

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    ~Floral Pumps~


::::Have Got Nothing to Hide::::

                                                       Waist Clincher : c/o Vedette.com
                                                              Find Here

Am glad to announce a collaboration with Vedette.com for their " I Have Got Nothing to Hide" Campaign.
The first thing that caught my eye for the waist clincher above was the color and the possibility of wearing it as an outer wear.  The waist clincher is very comfortable with a great fit, plus the construction really performs the magic of creating perfect curves :).

For a day look I went with a pair of Blue jeans and a white button Up.  The Night look was all about making the waist clincher the center of attention by wearing an all white ensemble.

Ps : Stay tuned for amazing giveaways hosted by Vedette.com


Dora said...

You look great, sweetie!

Marianne said...

wow like the look esp the one with skirt.u rock

Caitie said...

loving those pants!!!


Sharzville said...

Love love the blue shoes on the last picture (:


Kimbunnii said...

Congrats on the collabo! Love the vibrant blue, compliments you so well!!

Clara Turbay said...

great example of style.

Rach said...

I love your shades and the blue shoes
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Aida said...

you rock that blue babe! super cute!

kisses , have a great weekend a a sweet Easter!


yiqin; said...

nice shades :D

Haylee said...

Absolutely love those blue pumps



Kathy said...

Blue is my favorite colour <3

xoxo Kellz* said...

So different from the expected look...lovely!!

Jersey Blogess said...

this is so cute - but on to something a bit more importan...I am prob late on this one, but I could swear I saw you on a magazine - dont know if it was Instyle or what it was - but I know I was on a plance to DC and there you were - I almost screamed...lol and said, I know her (not really) but I do....lol you look wonderful - it was something about a suit. I am looking thru my mags right now trying to find it.

Jersey Blogess said...

okay - I found it - it was the April 2012 InStyle page 74 - I know thats you right? you did a good job.

Cilla B said...

@Jersey Blogess yeah that's me :) thanks Dear

Jersey Blogess said...

cool :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

those shoes!!!


Giusyta said...

you look so great girl!!!
love the first shoes!!

The Glamour Avenue

My secret shopping said...

Cute outfit!!!


SewPetiteGal said...

Very cute look!

sophie-anne said...

Wow. That colour really suits you. It reminds of the bright blue skies that are heading my way soon. Yay.

Thanks for your comment. I do love Instagram. My fave app on my phone.

I am following. Follow back you like?



Fashionista said...


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